The Kingdom of Lith

This Week's Bonuses 19/5/11

1. Get a 50% discount off an item

2. Describe an awesome kill

3. Describe what clothes your character wears

Next week will be a Pathfinder session – so let me know if you’re going to create a character or not.

This Week's Bonuses 5/5/11

Since we missed last week when we were going to play Pathfinder, I’ll be running 4th Edition as usual this week.

1. Tell me 3 good aspects and 3 bad aspects your character

2. Wipe the mat

3. Pour me a beverage

This Week's Bonuses 21/4/11

1. Wipe down the mat

2. Answer 3 questions about your character:

- What would be their favourite movie? - What song would be their theme tune? - Who do they relate to most out of the party?

3. Settle an in-game argument

Note about next week

It’s ‘any RPG Thursday’ next week so I’m going to run Pathfinder. The module will no doubt last for a few sessions, so let me know if you’re happy with a monthly Pathfinder game for the next few months.

This Week's Bonuses 14/4/11

No matter how many times you do each of these, you will only get one bonus. Kapeesh?

1. Going out of your way to help a fellow adventurer in combat

2. Describing an incredible kill

3. Mapping the dungeon

This Week's Bonuses 31/3/11

1. Write a short poem about your character

2. Provide me with you wishlist

3. Wipe the mat

This Weeks' Bonuses

1. As always, +2 for good roleplay/ creative thinking

2. +2 if you can recite a historical event from the timeline (I’ll take only one from each of you -they must be diferent so don’t go for the most obvious/ easiest)

3. +2 for drawing me a picture of an Owlbear (not during the game)

This week's bonuses

Alright adventurers, listen up. Here are the bonuses you can earn yourselves this week:

1. +2 tokens for good roleplaying/ creative ideas

2. Crits have a 20% chance of doing triple damage

3. +2 token for pouring me a coke

The story so far

It’s been three months since the heroes were teleported from Lith into Kanos, the desert country. Harla has now gained full control of Lith and the only way to get their country back is for the heroes to get the three Dragonlords on their side. To do this they have to find the Dragonsworn, the closest associates of the Dragonlords who act as envoys between the Dragonlord and the country’s populace.

The heroes gained the first Dragonlord trust before making their way to Ti’anor, the elven kingdom to the south to talk the second one into joining them.

Now the heroes are in Talar, the land of the Dragonborn, where they are trying to find a hexmage who can show them where to find the final Dragonlord. But there are rumblings of a Drow uprising and the capital city of Vandor is under threat. Not only that, but Harla’s spies have been spotted in the land and it is thought that her armies are moving to take Talar.

The heroes are currently charged with bringing in a mage called Yaztromo who may be aiding the Drow in the destruction of Vandor.

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