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The Kingdom of Lith

The Kingdom of Lith is a 30-level 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign that takes place on the continent of Vetra on the world of Era in a high fantasy setting. The campaign follows four adventurers on a quest to reclaim the Kingdom of Lith from the evil witch Harla Sorrowspeaker, who invaded and enslaved its people.


Harla Sorrowspeaker is a witch who desires to take over the continent of Vetra for reasons unknown. In the early stages of the campaign it was revealed that she had members of her court infiltrate positions of power in Lith, including the Council of Six in the city of Warrenspire. The adventurers managed to thwart the efforts of the rogue member of the Council of Six to destroy Warrenspire with a dragon and tracked him to a small island off the coast of Lith where it was revealed Harla was working behind the scenes to summon a great demon to do as much damage as possible to key cities in Lith before her invasion. The adventurers killed the rogue council member and set out to warn King Beoln of the invasion.

King Beoln had died of natural causes by the time the adventurers arrived in the city of Moongate and his son, Vetrek had taken the throne. After an airship sent by Harla crash landed outside the city walls, Vetrek was confident that the adventurers were telling the truth and told them to travel to the Citadel of Avantasia where Harla dwells and report back so he would know her army’s movements.

However, before the adventurers could pass through the Winterpeak Mountains an armada of airships began entering Lith, wreaking havoc with cannons and bombs before laying seige to the key cities. After almost being killed by rockfall in the mountains, the adventurers were helped by a blind druid called Essa who advised them that Lith alone could not stand against Harla and that the three Dragonlords in the three countries to the east was their only hope in winning back the country. She told them to seek a man called Aldoras in Moongate who knows how to find the Dragonlords.

But when the adventurers reached Moongate they found it had been overrun by Harla’s orc army, so they sneaked in and found Aldoras, who told them of the Dragonsworn, a secretive group of individuals who act on the Dragonlords’ behalf. Each Dragonlord has their own group of Dragonsworn and to get to the Dragonlord the adventurers much find them in the capital cities of each country.

As they travelled across Lith to the country of Deserts, Kanos, they aided those in need, including a Halfling village plagued by an evil wizard. A good halfling wizard gave Sameth mortality, as this is what he desired, before teleporting them to the capital of the country of Deserts, Sunhelm. There they uncovered a plot to assassinate the Dragonsworn and thwarted it by killing a Rakshasa assassin sent by Harla. They gained the trust of the Dragonlord, Marak, and left for the elven kingdom of Ti’anor to the south.

The adventurers eventually managed to win the favour of the second Dragonlord, Grimlaw, and moved south to Talar, kingdom of the Dragonborn.

The adventurers aided the king of Talar by tracking down a mage called Yaztromo who was helping the Drow plot the downfall of the capital city of Vandor.

It was soon discovered that the third Dragonlord, Albarax, was suffering from a rare disease and had days to live. After consulting with author Zanthar Goodbrige from the village of Cloudhaven the party realised they must travel to the Shadowfell in order to retrieve the Erodia Vess, a rare alchemical reagent that could be used to cure Albarax of his ailment.

The adventurers had to cross the Delos Bridge, an ancient and mighty structure that spans between the edge of Oxdor, home of the Stone Dwarves, to the sinking city of Gloomwrought, where the path to the Shadowfell lies. After a fight with the bizarre Kuo-Toa they reached Gloomwrought to find many of the city’s children missing. It appeared they had been entering the Temple of the Sundered Skies by their own accord.

The party entered the temple and found the path to the Shadowfell. They entered a parallel temple, fought a group of invading creatures, including a mighty Balhannoth, and rescued a handful of children. After almost dying in a room filling with necrotic blood, the adventurers found a Lich’s phylactery and eventually found the Lich, who was using the Erodia Vess as a component in a concoction that used children as vessels for The Forbidden Ones. The adventurers destoryed the phylactery and killed the Lich and his disciples before returning the remaining children home.

The adventurers returned to Vandor, leaving Sameth to have some ‘me time’ and were told by a scout that the town of Glimmerdawn which borders on Lith is being attacked by minotaurs sent by Harla. The King commanded the adventurers to march to Glimmerdawn with a band of warriors and rid the place of Harla’s minataurs, but when they arrived there was no sign that the town had been attacked at all. After speaking to the mayor, the group travelled back to Vandor and found that the scout who had reported the attack had fled north. Suspecting him of being a spy, the adventurers caught him up. After interrogating him they found out he was in league with Harla and was distracting the King so Harla’s Blackside shock troops could infiltrate the crystal caves where the sphere of Ovillio was destroyed. It became apparent that Harla wants to reform the sphere and create an immortal army to attack Tianor. The adventurers continued towards the caves and through The Grey Warrens where they fought a band of ghouls controlled by a powerful Death Knight.

The adventurers trekked into the heart of an active volcano and learned that the volcanic dragon, keeper of the volcano, had sold out to Harla and allowed her Minotaurs to escape with the shattered sphere.

Upon their return, the adventurers were arrested by the king of Vandor and thrown into prison, awaiting execution. They were broken out by one of the king’s advisers and told that although Harla has the pieces of the sphere, she cannot use its power to create an immortal army until she obtains the three Scrolls of Ovillio, each hidden on other planes. The adventurers were tasked with finding and destroying the scrolls in order. Even in Harla got her hands on one of the scrolls, she would be able to create a vastly powerful force to be reckoned with. The scrolls were hidden in the following locations: The Feywild, The Elemental Chaos and The Abyss.

The adventurers went to find an old half-elven soothsayer, Gilda, who knew of the ways to reach each location. After rescuing her from her kidnapper, they went to the Feywild via the city of Talisha’s worldfall and learned the first scroll was inside an old castle which had recently been overrun by Fomorians. They travelled across Candaria to the Castle of Black Spears, along the way earning favour with Lady Elebeth of the Scarlet Sky, who they saved from the Rakshasa tribes. The adventurers slayed the Fomorians and retrieved the scroll. They were then summoned to the Seat of Burzum by the Dragonlords where they were updated on events in Talar. The Dragonlords destroyed the first scroll and told them they must go to Sigil, City of Doors to reach the next scroll.
The adventurers were teleported to Stormhaven, evading guards from Khaled, where they broke Gelferd, the boatman, out of prison so he could take them through the Astral Sea to Sigil.

After taking a dangerous route through an asteroid belt, they landed at Hestavar, which was being besieged by Devils who were after the Heart of Stars, locked away in the White Palace. The adventurers fought their way to the palace and killed Gogolith the Destroyer. They found favour with the Hestavar Angelic Guard and were shown the door to Sigil.

In Sigil the adventurers bartered for a portal activation scroll but after realising it was a fake they tracked down the halfling vendor and managed to get the real scroll.


Citadel of Avantasia
Craghill Isle
Winterpeak Mountains


The Age of Wonders
Year 0 – The Primordial Creators form Era. Birds and beasts are created.
Year 1 – Elves are created. The City of Amanai is built in Ti’anor.
Year 23 – Dwarves, Humans and Halflings are created. The Magisters come to rule Era bringing Cyclean magicks
Year 26 – Dragonborn are created. The Planar Crisis brings evil creatures into Era as well as Tieflings and Eladrin.
Year 54 – The War of Era. Varkum is chained in the centre of the world.
Year 55 – The Magisters ascend and endow the first Kings with the power to rule.

The Age of Kings
Year 80 – The first great cities are built in Lith. The Elf – Orc War begins.
Year 96 – The Elves win the Elf-Orc War. The legendary elven champion, Elania Waterbliss, ascends.
Year 103 – The Lithian Civil War breaks out.
Year 108 – The Lithian Civil War ends with the beheading of Crom Hartwell, the revolutionist.
Year 130 – The demon Veshra is summoned into the world

The Age of Demons
Year 131 – The Demonwars begin.
Year 132 – Lith sides with Ti’anor in the Demonwars. Queen Ulana is killed by Veshra.
Year 133 – Veshra is slain by the Eladrin Gunnel Warden. He refuses ascension.

The Age of Plenty
Year 134 – The Eladrin Peace Pact. Feywild trade begins.
Year 250 – Queen Freyla of Lith is assassinated by a religious zealot called Porrin from The Sundered Skies faith. King Proctis comes to the throne. Sundered Skies is outlawed.
Year 300 – The prophecy of the four heroes is written

The Second Age of Demons
Year 407 – Veshra returns to the mortal world. Moongate is destroyed. King Proctis II is killed.
Year 408 – The Second Demonwars begins. Veshra enslaves Lith with his demon army.
Year 410 – Gunnel Warden leads the march against Veshra. The Battle of Rowan Fields. Warden’s forces are decimated. Ti’anor and Talar march into Lith.
Year 411 – The Battle of Firestorm. Gunnel Warden leads dragons into battle. Veshra defeated and trapped in another plane.

The Age of Unity
Year 412 – Elves, Dragonborn and Eladrin help Lith rebuild
Year 500 – Lith is reformed.

The Age of Exploration
Year 510 – The first ships are built. Oversees trading and exploration begins.
Year 560 – The great explorer, Gilleard Strongeye, dies.
Year 563 – Pirates begin plaguing ports.
Year 610 – Glaria invades Talar from across the sea.

The Age of Immortals
Year 611 – Lithian spies find that the Glarians are massing a large army in Talar.
Year 612 – The Glarians find the Sphere of Ovillio. Their army becomes immortal. Lithian spies are captures in Talar.
Year 613 – The Glarian Immortals march on Lith, taking the Southern Fortress. The Immortal War begins.
Year 614 – The Immortal War spreads to Ti’anor. King Nialon is killed. Ti’anor is captured.
Year 632 – Ophelia Redsky destroys the Sphere of Ovillio. The Glarian army in Lith is pushed back into Ti’anor and Talar.
Year 636 – King Erold leads Lith into Ti’anor and defeats Glaria.
Year 637 – Lith and Ti’anor defeats Glaria in Talar, cumulating in the Battle of Blasted Peaks.

The Age of Adventure
Year 720 – Dungeon delving becomes a popular career. The Red Hawk becomes a famed adventuring group.
Year 750 – Members of The Red Hawk slays the great dragon, Margarth. They ascend.

The Age of Reckoning
Year 755 – Warrenspire built. Duke Matthias rules Warrenspire.
Year 802 – Matthias dies. Duke Edoran comes to power
Year 810 – Warrenspire Revolution. Battle of Tenbridge Ford. Edoran Executed.

The Age of Dragonstorm
Year 813 – The three great Dragonlords descent on the eastern kingdoms.
Year 814 – The War of Dragons begins.
Year 819 – King Beoln comes to the throne of Lith
Year 820 – The Council of Six is instated into Warrenspire

The Age of Dragonoath
Year 830 – The great Dragonlords reach a truce and settle in Talar, Ti’anor and Kanos. They appoint Dragonsworn.
Year 908 – Blacksides storm Beoln’s court led by Harla Sorrowspeaker. Harla and Blacksides driven from Moongate.
Year 910 – Harla captures the Citadel of Avantasia

The Age of Darkness
Year 929 – Four heroes save Warrenspire from destruction. Harla invades Lith. King Vetrek comes to the throne in Lith. Lith enslaved by Harla.
Year 930 – Harla’s spies spotted in Talar. The four heroes begin an inter-planar mission to destroy the three Scrolls of Ovillio.

Current Favour and Threats

The adventurers currently have favour with the following groups:

  • The City of Gloomwrought
  • The Scarlet Sky
  • The Angels of Hestavar

They are currently under threat by:

  • Harla Sorrowspeaker and her army
  • The City of Vandor
  • The Thieves Guild

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