Council of Six

The Council of Six

The Council of Six were formed in 820, the Age of Dragonstorm, to oversee political and economic decisions in the city of Warrenspire. King Beoln instated six great wizards into the council, all renowned for their wisdom and good character.

The Original Council of Six

Garren Greybeard
Robert Shardrose
Lania Shiverbow
Oglok Chainsmith
Vespa Winter
Markus Voidseer

In 924 Oglok Chainsmith died on a research trip to the Shadowfell and ‘’ became the new councillor. However, in 929 it was discovered that the new councillor was working for Harla Sorrowsworn and plotted to use a dragon to bring down Warrenspire. He didn’t succeed and fled to Craghill Island where he attempted to bring a powerful demon from the Hellscapes to lay waste to Lith’s port towns and weaken the capital’s defenses. The four heroes from Warrenspire tracked ’’ and killed him before he could materialise the demon.

Council of Six

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