Cyclean magicks

Cyclean magicks were discovered by the primordial creators before the making of the world. This powerful energy comes from the Plane of Cyclea, a place where sorcerors ruled.

Skymind, an envoy of the creators, befriended a sorceror on the plane called Bryzalio Helderfast, who taught him the ways of Cyclean magicks. When Era was formed, the material world, in the Age of Wonders, Skymind taught the Cyclean magicks to the great Magisters who were the first rulers of Era.

Cyclean magick can be used both to create and destroy. The Magisters were trusted with this powerful knowledge to only do good and that is what they did for the most part. While most of the Magisters used the magick to create and heal, one Magister called Varkum imbued the darkest creatures of the world with this powerful knowledge. Armed with this power Varkum’s monstrous minions waged war against the other Magisters, which became known as the War of Era.

The Magisters summoned a great titan called Shatterhand who vanquished an entire army of Varkum’s creatures before falling to Varkum’s blade. The Magisters captured Varkum and cast him into the centre of the earth where he remains chained to this day.

Cyclean magick became a rare knowledge after the War of Era, as many who knew of its power were killed. Those who still practise it, even for good, are looked upon with scorn and many rulers have outlawed its practise entirely.

Cyclean magicks

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