four adventurers

Player Characters


Sameth is a level 13 Drow Scout who has mastered the art of battling with dual handaxes. He is often shunned by society and in turn shuns it. Often direct in his manner, Sameth helps others as long as it will have an impact on himself.


Kronk is a level 13 Goliath Knight who is both agressive and gentle, suffering from strange personality swings on an hour-to-hour basis. Although he is large and powerful, Kronk is caring and will go out of his way to help others. Kronk’s family in his tribe know as Great Tribe were enslaved by Harla and he seeks revenge for this. Kronk often greets people with the phrase: “Kronk from Great Tribe”.


Lucan is a level 13 Elf Hunter who is an expert with a bow. Lucan is light-hearted and tactical, but often has moments in a battle where he is either wildly innacurate or can hit the eye of a moth. Lucan used to have a drinking problem but has since got it under control.


Landorf, or Lan for short, is a level 13 Dwarvern Warpriest. He is quiet but is quick to come to the aid of others. Not much is known about Lan’s personal life.

four adventurers

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