Built in 755, Age of Reckoning, Warrenspire is famed for it’s white spires and glorious architecture. Warrenspire is one of the largest cities in Lith and before the Day of Black Skies had a burgeoning economy. There is a statue in the city square of the four great heroes that saved Warrenspire from destruction by a dragon in 929.

Warrenspire’s political affairs are overseen by the Council of Six, six great wizards selected by King Beoln. However proir to the Council of Six being instated Warrenspire was run by the Duchy, which had its high and low points. The first Duke, Matthias, was keen to make Warrenspire a bastion of civilisation, so hired renowned architect Cuthbert Mason to design the famed council hall and the white city walls.

When Matthias died in 802, Duke Edoran took over and ruled with an iron fist, much to the King’s dismay. Despite warnings from King Edward IV to cease treating his subjects badly, the Duke continued to do so. He imposed high taxes and tough sentences for seemingly small crimes. The people of Warrenspire became angry and led a revolution against Edoran known as the Warrenspire Revolution. Edoran hired four Blightwitches to kill many of the revolutionists with their Cyclean magick. When Edward IV heard about these events he and his army marched on Warrenspire where he met Edoran’s army in battle, known as the Battle of Tenbridge Ford, as that was the location where they fought. Edward’s men vanquished the Blightwitches and defeated Edoran’s army. The Duke was captured and excecuted for crimes against the Crown in 810.

Edoran’s son took over as ruler of Warrenspire but grew gravely ill and died in 820. The new King Beoln, a young half-elf, decided to end the reign of Dukes and instate the Council of Six, who could offer a more democratic system of rule.

It has been reported that Warrenspire was the last of the great cities to fall on the Day of Black Skies.


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